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It's the action that makes the difference. If the word remains such, if thought does not become visible or if a project does not come to life, it means canceling the will and renouncing participation in the creative force that makes every activity come alive.


A unique strategy.

ACX Action brings together under a single structure, different skills able to guarantee a complete service of the highest profile:

  • A congressional division (PCO) with 30 years of international experience and reliability;
  • A team dedicated to Territorial Marketing (DMC) which over the years has expanded its competences and experience nationwide in the fields of sport, professional education and corporate events;
  • An integrated communication agency able to offer innovative solutions to clients’ needs;
  • A resident team of experts to respond to the market with quality, punctuality and motivation..

“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” – John Locke

Balance, Power and Will.


ACX Action: the advantage of having a single point of reference, a table around which ideas come to life, are contaminated and materialize.
Managers and Professionals with international experience for a mature advice in the corporate, medical-scientific, sports areas and European matters


Being for many years alongside men of science has strengthened us in the conviction that the role of a good partner is essential in the harmony that connects the world of research with that of industry. The Medical Scientific field represents one of our highly prestigious business units.


Working in the European environment has allowed us to grow in international professional skills, as well as improving our business models to respond to all European institutional procedures.


Sport whether it is a professional level, or recreational, is action by definition, is a gathering occasion that needs appropriate locations, accurate organization and adequate structures. In two words ACX Action.


Change, movement, experience and communication are key elements to make of a project a “good project”. ACX Action helps companies respond to the market with quality, determination and above all motivation.

"Dalle azioni del singolo dipende il destino di tutti." – Alessandro Magno

Our Projects

  • UISP Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti
  • Copernicus
  • 50th ANMCO National Congress

Let’s get to know each other, we organize a meeting to analyze and understand the type of intervention, a useful Action to put in place.

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"It is actions that count. Our thoughts, however good they may be, are false pearls until they are converted into shares. Be the change you want to see in the world" – MAHATMA GANDHI

ACX Action is a project

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